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Frequency Range of Different RF Connectors

Time:2021-02-10   Visit:0
SMA Connector:    DC~26.5GHz
3.5mm Connector:  DC~33GHz
2.92mm Connector: DC~40GHz
2.4mm Connector:  DC~50GHz
1.85mm Connector: DC~65GHz
1.0mm Connector:  DC~110GHz
N Connector:      DC~18GHz
TNC Connector:    DC~11GHz
TNCA Connector:  DC~18GHz
SSMA Connector:  DC~40GHz
7mm Connector:   DC~18GHz
BMA Connector:   DC~18GHz
SMP Connector:   DC~40GHz
SMPM Connector: DC~65GH
  • SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm are compatible with interconnection
  • 2.4, 1.85mm are compatible with interconnection
  • TNC and TNCA are compatible with interconnection
The above compatible interconnection means that different types of connectors can be twisted with each other, but the electrical performance will be reduced. This is not recommended for precision testing.

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