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EFC Low Loss Flexible RF Cable


P/N     :EFC Series

MOQ  :1

EFC low loss flexible cable assemblies from ENRICHTEK are unarmored. It is used for any high frequency signal transmission between systems or instruments where low loss and stability are critical. EFC series is available with a wide range of connectors offering excellent specifications. The unique small cable connectors are designed for end users who need high performance in a very small space. 

EFC series is also available with phase matching and armoring upon request, and the matching accuracy is better than 0.25°/GHz.




Armour Options



Armour Mode: AS

Armour Mode: RU

Monolayer Armour

Multilayer   Armour

The cable is installed within a stainless   steel interlocked armor in order to provide crush and pull forces resistance.   It is used in production environments and outdoor applications.

RU series is more flexible while resists crush   and pull forces. It is used in precision test applications where request   phase and amplitude stability.

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