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mmWave Band Pass Filter

From 30.5GHz to 36GHz


P/N     :MBP-30E5-36E

MOQ  :1

Millimeter wave filter (also known as mm wave filter) is an indispensable important device in microwave and millimeter wave systems.

The frequency of this millimeter wave interdigital band pass filter MBP-30E5-36E is from 30.5GHz to 36GHz with a 5.5GHz bandwidth, the maximum handing power is 10 Watt(CW)

The VSWR of this millimeter wave band pass filter MBP-30E5-36E is less than 2.0, the insertion loss is less than 2.5dB .

The rejection is larger than 45dB at 28.75GHz, larger than 70dB at 27.75GHz.

The millimeter wave band pass filter  MBP-30E5-36E has been tested and proven as all our standard RF filter/mm wave filter products.

The frequency of our millimeter wave filter is up to 67GHz, they are wildly used in communication, radar navigation, electronic countermeasures, satellite communications.

Millimeter wave filter band pass filters from ENRICHTEK is customizable, such as changing the cutoff frequency, mechanical structure, or changing the electrical parameters etc.

Electrical Specifications


Typical Value

Center Frequency


Pass Band Frequency


Pass Band Insertion Loss


Pass Band VSWR


Stop Band Attenuation

≥45dB @ 28.75GHz

≥45dB @ 37.75GHz

≥70dB @ 27.75GHz

≥70dB @ 38.75GHz


50 ohms



Surface Finish

The Original Silver Color or Black Paint

Net weight

0.04 KG

Mechanical Specifications





Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

-40 to +80ºC

Storage Temperature

-55 to +95 ºC

Typical Performance

30.5-36GHz Interdigital Band Pass Filter.png

Outline Drawing (unit: mm)

30.5~36GHz Millimeter Wave Filter9.png

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