Fully Automatic Probe System

Fully Automatic Probe System

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  • Brand:MPI
  • Serial Number: TS2500-RF/ TS3500-SE
  • Country of Origin:China

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Fully Automatic Probe System (TS2500-RF/ TS3500-SE)

  • TS2500-RF:The First Fully Automatic Probe System Dedicated For RF Production Test
MPI's latest product innovation is a fully automated probe system dedicated to radio frequency (RF) production testing. Compatible with all MPI system accessories, the system is designed to meet the needs of production-grade advanced RF equipment testing
  • Thin Wafer Handing
    The unique design of the S2500-RF chuck and wafer lift pins safely handles wafers as low as 50 microns thickness, enabling the testing of challenging thin III-Vs compound wafers.
The RF chuck consists of two auxiliary chucks made entirely of special ceramic materials for precise RF calibration. Auxiliary chucks and thermal chucks can also be used to keep the probe clean.
Fully Automatic Probe System
  • High Throughput
Automation includes dual-end actuators and dual-wafer cassette holders, which is suitable for 150mm or 200mm wafers, it provides efficient wafer exchange and higher test speeds. The TS2500-RF has a top speed of 10s/s (depending on the final system configuration), making it ideal for electrical testing of discrete RF devices and integrated circuits (ICs).

Fully Automatic Probe System

  • Complete Test Solution
Advanced calibration features such as off-axis and chuck mounted upper cameras make the TS2500-RF an ideal platform for testing in complex RF measurement configurations. Decades of experience in the MPI Photonics automation department make these features more reliable

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