Semi-Automatic Advanced High Power Probe System

Semi-Automatic Advanced High Power Probe System

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  • Brand:MPI
  • Serial Number: TS 2000-HP
  • Country of Origin:China

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  • Minimum Order: 1
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Semi-Automatic Advanced High Power Probe System

The automation of the MPITS2000-HP provides reliable wafer high power device measurements with a wide temperature range and measurement capabilities up to 3KV (Triaxial) / 10 KV (coaxial cable) and 600 A (pulse). The advanced MPI system provides a low noise and shielded test environment.
  • Safety
The interlock activates the safety light curtain and shuts down the instrument through an interlock system to protect the user from accidental high voltage shocks.
The system has a rear door that is interlocked and provides convenient initial measurement setup.

Semi-Automatic Advanced High Power Probe System

  • High Voltage Probe (HVP)

The low leakage probe is specifically designed to withstand high voltages up to 10 kV (coaxial) and 3 kV (triaxial).

Semi-Automatic Advanced High Power Probe System

  • High Current Probe (HCP)  
A high performance probe up to 200 a (pulse) current designed for wafer measurement to effectively handle high current and provide low contact resistance

Semi-Automatic Advanced High Power Probe System

  • Optional Anti-arcing Liquid Tray
The specially designed arc-proof LiquidTray can be used for arc suppression by simply placing it on the surface of a high-power chuck.
The wafer can be safely placed in a tray, immersed in a liquid, and subjected to an arc-free high voltage test.

Semi-Automatic Advanced High Power Probe System

  • Hot/Cold Wafer Swaps at Set Temperatures
Automated single-wafer loaders and safety test management provide the unique ability to load/unload wafers at any chuck temperature, eliminating the need to cool or heat to ambient temperature to load or unload wafers, which saves a lot of downtime and sample replacement time, and significantly improve the efficiency of the overall test.
  • Software suite SENTIO
MPI Automated Engineering Probe System Controls SENTIO Software Suite with unique and revolutionary Multi-Touch Operation,which simple and intuitive operation saves a lot of training time, Scroll, Zoom, Move commands mimic modern smart mobile devices, let everyone in a few become an expert in minutes.

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