Manual DC/RF Probe System

Manual DC/RF Probe System

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  • Brand:MPI
  • Serial Number: TS150/TS200/TS300
  • Country of Origin:China

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Manual DC/RF Probe System(TS150、TS200、TS300)

  • Unique Platen Lift with Probe Hover Control

    The measurement accuracy depends first on the quality of the contact. Highly repeatable (1 um accuracy) needle table design with three separate gear divisions: contact (0μm), separation (300 um) and slide (3 um) and safety lock design is currently unique on the market. These features prevent accidental damage to the probe or wafer while providing intuitive control and accurate contact positioning. This capability is especially important in high frequency and high power applications to achieve the most accurate measurements.
      For the TS200 and TS300, an additional hovering height (50, 100 or 150 um) is available for easy and convenient alignment of the probe with the sample electrode to be tested.

    Manual DC/RF Probe System

    Height Adjustment Scale

The probe platen has a 25mm fine height adjustment for a variety of applications. The 1mm precision scale gives direct feedback of the probe leaving the sample.
  • Compact and Rigid Platen Design
The compact, flexible probe platen can hold up to 10 DC groups or 4 RF groups probe station, that can meet a variety of application requirements

Manual DC/RF Probe System

  • Various Chuck Potions
Manual systems are available with a variety of chuck options to meet different budget and application requirements. Chuck options include MPI's coaxial or triaxial sample chucks or various ERS high and low temperature chucks to support temperature measurements up to 300 degrees. It also includes a seamlessly integrated heating station controller for quick and easy viewing and operation.
  • Auxiliary Chucks
The RF chuck also includes two auxiliary chucks made of built-in ceramic material for precise RF calibration

Manual DC/RF Probe System

  • Various Optic and movement Choices
A variety of optical microscope options are available, including all common stereo microscopes, single cylinder metallurgical microscopes, metallographic microscopes or load-pull configurations.
  • Optic Tilting
The microscope can be tilted at 90 degrees and is pneumatically driven, plus a fine adjustment in the Z-axis direction, which provides a very convenient needle and easier probe replacement.
  • Built-in Vibration Isolation Platform
All manual systems include a vibration absorbing base for long-term, reliable probe-to-sample contact, ensuring reliable measurement results. Vibration isolation platforms or work benches are available in different models to meet the laboratory environment.
  • Dark Box
    Available shielding options provide an EMI optical electromagnetic shielding environment for ultra-low noise DC measurements.

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