Directional Coupler

Directional Coupler

Advantages of  Our RF Directional Couplers

  • RF directional couplers from ENRICHTEK cover wide frequency range.
  • Excellent performance:our RF directional couplers have features of high isolation, low insertion loss and high coupling accuracy
  • Customizable: besides the standard products, our RF directional couplers are customizable to meet the different requirements of our customers.  
  • With excellent performance, our RF directional couplers are wildly used for signal sampling, signal injection and power monitoring 
  • Warranty : we provide 12 months quality warranty for our  RF directional couplers

Key Parameters of RF Directional Couplers

RF directional couplers, also called RF couplers, provide simple means of monitoring or sampling RF energy.
A RF directional coupler has four ports, one is the input port on the main line, one is the through port also on the main line(the amount of output power is reduced according to the coupling value.), one is the coupled port (a fix percentage of the input power is coupled to this port), and one is the isolation port  which is usually connected to termination.
The key parameters of a RF directional coupler are: 
Coupling value:  coupling value is the amount of power diverted to the coupled output from the input port.
Insertion loss:  insertion loss describes the losses due to coupling.
Isolation:  isolation indicates the degree of the power leakage from the main line to the isolation port.

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