DC Blocks

DC Blocks

Advantages of Our DC Blocks

DC blocks are components that prevent DC flow into system, while allowing RF signals to pass through with minimum interference. The first reason to do so is to protect the back-end precision test devices, the second reason is to protect the equipment or components that can't handle DC signals.
  • The frequency of our DC Blocks is up to 50GHz.
  • DC Blocks from ENRICHTEK have precision interface dimension and low VSWR.
  • The stainless steel bodies ensure the DC blocks with long service life.

Key Parameters for DC Blocks

There are three basic forms of DC Blocks:
Inner DC Blocks: the inner DC blocks have a capacitor in series with the center conductor.
Outer DC Blocks: the outer DC blocks have a capacitor in series with the outer conductor..
Inner/Outer DC Blocks: the inner/outer DC blocks have capacitors in series with both the outer conductor and inner conductor.
A DC block has the following key parameters:
Frequency:  the frequency range that RF signals can pass through while block all DC signals
Breakdown Rating: the maximum voltage that a DC Block can handle before it breaks down.
Insertion Loss: the loss of RF signal when passes through the DC block.
Impedance: the impedance of the DC blocks should be matched to the system characteristic impedance

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