Millimeter Wave Filter

Millimeter Wave Filter

Millimeter Wave FilterAdvantage of ENRICHTEK’s Millimeter Wave Filter

Compared with general RF filters, the design, process and test of millimeter wave filter (mm wave filter) are much more complicated. ENRICHTEK utilizes innovative engineering solutions, combined with engineers' extensive simulation design experience, precision machining methods and rigorous testing standards. The frequency of our millimeter wave cavity filter(mm wave filter) is up to 67GHz, with high suppression and low insertion loss. It is widely used in communication, radar navigation, electronic countermeasures, satellite communications, missile guidance, and test instrumentation systems.
ENRICHTEK 's millimeter wave cavity filter is customizable, such as changing the cutoff frequency, mechanical structure, or changing the electrical parameters.

Why Does 5G Use Millimeter Wave 

The millimeter wave band provides up to 400MHz bandwidth for mobile applications, up to 10Gbps data rate or more. Therefore, 5G communication is closely related to millimeter waves. Millimeter wave filter (also know as mm wave filter) is an indispensable important device in RF/microwave and millimeter wave systems.
Since 3GPP decided that 5G NR will continue to use OFDM technology, 5G has no disruptive technological innovation compared to 4G, and millimeter wave is almost the biggest "new idea" of 5G. Therefore, 5G can also be referred to as "enhanced 4G extended to millimeter wave" or "enhanced LTE extended to millimeter wave".

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