Power Divider

Power Divider

Power Divider Advantages of Our Power Dividers

Power dividers are also known as power splitters, power combiners. Our Power dividers have features of
Excellent performance:our power dividers  come with minimal insertion loss, high isolation, good amplitude balance, good phase balance, low VSWR and high handling power.
Wide frequency coverage: our power dividers are available in both narrow and broad bandwidths.
Our Power dividers include microstrip power dividers, LC power dividers, resistance power dividers, millimeter wave power dividers.
Customizable:  our power dividers are customizable to fit your requirements best, such as changing the frequency, the electrical parameters and the structure.
Warranty: we provide 12 months quality warranty for our  power dividers.


RF Power divider is also known as RF power splitter, it is essential in many systems to split a single signal into multiple signals. RF power divider/RF power splitter can also use as RF power combiner to combine multiple signals with equal magnitude and phase.
ENRICHTEK’s power dividers/ power splitters/ power combiners are designed by experienced engineers and tested with high standards. They are wildly used in education, industry and aviation.
ENRICHTEK provides 2 way power dividers, 3 way power dividers, 4 way power dividers, 6 way power dividers, 8 way power dividers, 12 way power dividers, 16 way power dividers, 32 way power dividers, 64 way power dividers

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